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Shay Stibelman

last seen 3 minutes ago
  • Hey, Shay 👋 can I ask you a few questions?
  • Shoot!🤘
  • So... What is it that you do exactly?
  • I like to refer to myself as your personal cheat sheet. I try to read and keep myself updated on digital stuff.
    While you concentrate on what you're good at, I concentrate on what I'm good at, and help you make sense of stuff you don't really care to spend your time studying, but need to know how to do.
  • Why is a personal consultant better than an agency?
  • Because a consultant works with you, for you 👊.
    An agency will treat your needs as just another checkbox in the to-do list and the quality of their work will display that.
  • Hmm... Makes sense. So how does working with you... work?
  • I come over, we talk about what you need, and I help you achieve it. I'll leave you with "homework" or with tools to continue on your own so you can make sure you understood everything.
  • What kind of homework? Are you a teacher?
  • I've been teaching for the last 25 years. My methods aim to increase productivity and to promote learning.
    The homework is simply work based on what we have gone over, that you will do autonomously and we can go over it next time we meet.
  • What is your specialty?
  • I get my information directly from the source. I learn from American experience and their research. Thanks to the vastness of sources of information, I manage to keep myself updated regarding the digital world.
  • Are we going to sign a contract?
  • Nope! We meet for as many times as you need, for as long as you need. When you're fed up with me, we part ways and you can schedule another meeting with me whenever you feel like it.
  • OK, so where will we meet?
  • At your office, if you prefer. That way we can work directly on your computer and you can save important things we talked about as notes or bookmarks on your own PC.
  • 👍 Awesome! Then what do you bring to the table?
  • I have a bunch of experience with everything digital and online. What you might lack, I know quite well and can give you tips and tricks to be more productive at work.
  • Wait a second, 🤔 is working on digital things as hard as I imagine?
  • Absolutely not! If online digital tools were hard to comprehend and use, no one would buy them, right?
  • Sounds great! Where do I set an appointment with you?
  • Just click here and choose a date and time that are comfortable for you.
  • Fantastic, thanks! 🙏 Where can I contact you if I have other questions?
  • Just fill in the form below 👇

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