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Oh you want to know about me? I'm flattered!

(That's actually my favorite subject...)

Shay Stibelman

My name is Shay Stibelman, consultant, coach, teacher, designer and developer of all online things.

I currently live in Milan, Italy for the last 17 years, and am a private consultant for small and medium businesses, freelancers and students.

Amongst most of what I've taught in the past are different computer oriented themes like programming, web development and even basic use of digital tools for those who did not grow up with a mouse and keyboard in their hand, like me and many other tech-natives.

Nowadays I aim to bring light to all the people out there who are not yet using all the amazing tools the internet provides us, or are simply too shy to have a go at it.

So combining patience, know-how and a passion for helping out those in need of guidance, I have made a life-long dream a reality.

I specialize in Digital Marketing and out-of-the-box thinking for small and medium businesses that require a consultant who speaks both English as well as Italian and keep up with the latest updates from the world of social media and web design and development.

So, what can I do for you? Check out some of the subjects I talk about!

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