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Digital Marketing is tough, time consuming and costs money!

Stop wasting your marketing budget on ads that don't get any conversions, and obtain better results for your digital marketing efforts, speeding up processes with expert tips and tricks during scheduled one on one meetings!

So what can I help you with?

Nowadays, any business needs to be on social media and in order to create a successful social media following, a good social media marketing requires a great strategy and awesome posts that generate interaction. But with all the technical terms, the numbers and the huge variety of social media channels and platforms, one could feel quite lost.

That's where I come in!

Social Media Marketing

Afraid of social media? Don't know how to approach it? Not only will I guide you through it, but I'll help you come up with great promotion ideas and winning strategies!

Office Digitalization

If you feel like you're wasting a lot of time performing mondane tasks, learn how to use technology, digital tools and the internet to your advantage.

Market Research

I will teach you how to use social media to your advantage as a way to get to know your potential market and optimize your marketing strategies for best results.

Social Media Marketing

Many small businesses are afraid to attempt at a marketing strategy before even approaching the concept because of high costs and time management issues, when the real problem is misinformation and fear of the unknown. Many managers believe social media marketing is not necessary or not worth investing it. However, one of the biggest difficulties with marketing is knowing your target audience, not catching their interest or even simply choosing the right language to get in contact with them.
Social media actually provides a solution to so many of these issues and makes targeting, retaining, converting and eventually, providing assistance or service, not only easier but also economically worth your while.
Including my experience as a teacher, I will unravel the secrets of social media to you, and will coach you through understanding social media from a marketing point of view.

Content Creation

Nobody knows your business better than you, and your image and personality should be completely integrated with your social media efforts. People will love to see how human and approachable you are and will become social media followers much easier and will more probably remain in contact for a longer time and look for updates.
Communicating with them will not be easy and will require you to produce content and inform your followers not only with news and events, but also what makes your company tick. I will guide you through the difficulties of the blank page and make you understand why your company page is not an a billboard for your products and special sales (but will make them known and desirable anyway!).

Market Research

One of the best and most useful sides of social media is using it in order to research your potential market, know what people are talking about, learn what they are interested in and would like to have, and wether your business competitors are leaving something to be desired (and how to fill that gap). This information is priceless and thanks to social media, you can know who is happy or unhappy with your services or products, and take immediate action to help them out. An angry customer who has been addressed by a helpful business owner through social media, are much more likely to become not only satisfied custumers, but most probably even evangelists for your business!
Part of our work together will be based on CX (Customer Experience), a very problematic and difficult issue that rarely gets any attention and is most of the time what customers are really looking for and are lamenting about the lack of. Show your customer you care, and he'll care about you back!

Not convinced yet? Check out some work I've done with past clients!

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