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So what can I help you with?

Do your developers or marketers lack the time to learn on their own? Get your staff up to date with the latest technical trends, features and advanced capabilities.
Do you often feel your service providers speak a different language or do you find it hard to express yourself and your needs? Get a one to one series of courses getting you on the same page with the technical team.
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Shay Stibelman teaching young students

If one of your team members is having a hard time getting the hang of any of the different aspects of digital marketing, I can sit with them for as long as they need during work hours, and make sure not only they manage to do the job, but get it done the in quickest and best way possible.
Do you want to see if your marketing efforts are worthwhile? Let's sit together and read your website analytics once a month, produce a report and share it with stakeholders and staff.

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Websites created by agencies cost a pretty penny and the cheap ones are useless. Creating it on your own will give you better control on the design, content and liberty to update it.
Don't have a website yet? Cool, let's design it together so that it gives you the best performance, and your users have the easiest experience there.
Already have a website? Awesome, let's see if there's anything we can perfect, fix nicks and dents or add elements you have thought of after creating it.

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Talking about your website, let's make sure people actually find it by applying a series of tips and (legal) tricks so that Google not only finds it, but also shows it often to searchers and potential clients.
It's a lot of work, but it's necessary. Do it yourself or have a team member do it, having an in house SEO specialist is a great asset.

Search Engine Optimization

User Experience starts with the first time a client learns about your brand's existence, goes through to what he experiences on your website, your social media and email marketing, to name a few. It applies to apps, interfaces, customer service, you name it.
UX is everywhere and no brand can ignore it. Get your UX right, and your most loyal clients might even talk about you with their friends - free advertising!

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Social Media is a scary place. People leaving reviews, sharing photos and experiences. Content needs to be created, shared and consumed. And all of that every single day, on more than one platform!
Now take a deep breath, let's focus, choose the correct platform, the right content to the right users, and use the right tools to automate everything.

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Now that we have a website and running social media pages, let's create a step-by-step plan so we don't shoot into the darkness, but have a clear view of our goals, and have our team synchronized on how to reach our objectives.

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A recurring step is to iterate between all our digital marketing efforts and analyze different reports and perhaps even use different tools to monitor campaigns in real-time, so that they could be stopped if something goes awry in our perfect planned strategy.
Use these analyses to base your choices for future decisions, or to make modifications on your website, advertising campaigns, copy-writing or even the whole UX on one of your digital marketing channels.

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Email marketing has been known to show positive results for a very long time, and with a much better success rate than any other communication channel.
Using a CRM to collect your clients' data is not that hard. Using an email marketing platform to send newsletters and direct communication is just as easy, so why pay an expensive agency to do it for you?

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As much as it hurts me to admit it, online advertising is suffering from an extremely high number of ad fraud cases, and that's only the ones we know about. The good fraudsters manage to avoid getting caught.
Let's make sure you don't fall into common traps and not waste your advertising budget. Together we can see what's risky, what's worth it and spend the otherwise lost money on more important things.

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Are you still using pen and paper to take notes, calculate and manage client data? Look on your computer screen, is there a post-it note somewhere with a password on it?
Using digital alternatives like word processors, electronic spread-sheets and online databases, will not only help you do a better job, save time and get better results, but with today's technology you can even have everything at your fingertips wherever you are.
Stop searching through stacks of paper and use the CTRL-F keyboard shortcut to quickly find whatever you need.

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